FAQ: Time to Sync Marketo Data into Profile Management

Time to sync Marketo contact and activity data to Profile Management is directly dependent on your Marketo instance's data volume. Infer limits the API calls made to sync Marketo data to only 50% of your total daily limit of API calls to ensure your other integration services are not interrupted. (Marketo's standard daily API limit is 10,000 calls/day. If you've negotiated a higher limit directly with Marketo, we will sync 50% of that amount.) Typically, this restricts us to syncing 1-1.25 million contacts plus activities per day. Please keep this in mind when budgeting time for your Marketo data sync.

Note: if you have negotiated a short-term increase in your organization's API call maximum, we may be able to accommodate a faster sync.


To reference your current API call usage, including stats on API requests made in the past 7 days, log into your Marketo instance and click into the Admin portal. From there, click into the Integration menu, then click Web Services. You'll see the API details in the API Call Information Section:


Clicking the hyperlinked total Requests in the Last 7 Days will navigate you to a view that shoes the exact number of API requests made to your Marketo organization in the past 7 calendar days:


If you have any questions regarding the above information, please contact help@infer.com.

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