How To: Set up Marketo Sync for Infer Profile Management

Infer’s Profile Management Platform can ingest Marketo data via Marketo’s REST API, and make those data available to users as conditions in the Profile Builder.

This document instructs the user how to gather the following information which Infer needs to set up the Marketo Sync:

  • Create an API User for Infer
  • Create a new Service in Marketo
  • Provide Infer with the Client ID, Client Secret and Token for the new Service
  • Provide Infer with the REST API Endpoint


Step 1: Create an API User for Infer

After logging into Marketo with an Admin account, select the “Admin” button from the top bar.

Once inside the Admin panel, select the “Users & Roles” link.

We’re going to first start by creating a “New Role” under the “Roles” tab for the Infer User.

After selecting the “New Role” button, define the role as shown below:

Role Name: Infer API User

Description: Something to help us remember what this Role is for

Permissions: Access API with “Read-Only” access boxes checked (9 of 19 possible permissions)


Press Create!

After creating the Role, we are now ready to create an Infer User under that Role. Under the “Users” tab, we will select the “Invite New User” tab.

Details for this new user should be set up as shown below:

First Name: Infer

Last Name: User

Email Address: (where COMPANY_NAME is replaced with your company’s name)

Login (automatically generated by Marketo):

Roles: Infer API User

API Only: Yes (box needs to be checked)

At this point we have finished Step 1, which is the longest step. Onto Step 2.


Step 2: Create a new Service in Marketo

On the left-side menu of the the Admin panel, click on the “LaunchPoint” link.

From within the LaunchPoint menu, we will now create a New Service by clicking on the “New” tab at the top of the page and then selecting “New Service”

We will define this new service as described below:

Display Name: Infer API Service

Service: Custom

Description: Something memorable describing what this Service is being used for

API Only User: Select the user from this list (where COMPANY_NAME is your actual company's name)

Press Create, and move on to Step 3.


Step 3: Provide Infer with the Client ID, Client Secret and Token for the new Service


After creating the Service, we can now select the “View Details” link next to retrieve the first set of information that needs to be sent to Infer to complete the integration.

The Details panel will give us the following information, in this example, the Client ID and Client Secret have been replaced with Xs, however, your Marketo instance will have a mix of characters that make up this information.

Additionally, the Token will be revealed only after selecting the “Get Token” button:

Now that we have copied down the Client ID, Client Secret and Token, we can move onto the final step which is finding the REST API endpoint.


Step 4: Provide Infer with the REST API Endpoint


Back in the left-pane of the Admin panel, above the “LaunchPoint” link is a “Web Services” link. Select this link and we will be one step closer to finishing the Marketo sync!

The Web Services panel contains multiple API endpoints. For the purposes of the Infer integration, we will want to scroll down to the “REST API” section and retrieve the “Endpoint” URL. In the example below, the Endpoint URL is Every Marketo instance has a similarly structured URL, however, the initial characters in the URL vary by instance.

After providing Infer with the Endpoint API, Infer will begin to sync Marketo data into your Profile Management Platform. The length of the sync will depend on the amount of data in your Marketo instance, however, feel free to reach out to your Infer representative or if you have questions.

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