Infer Glance Setup

Infer Glance Setup

Here are some simple instructions on how to add Infer Glance to your Salesforce account.


Install Glance Package

Use the following link to download the Glance canvas app into your Salesforce account


  1. Ensure that the correct permissions are set for Glance

    1. On the Infer Glance connected app page, click “Edit”
    2. Under the OAuth Policies section, make sure Permitted Users is set to “Admin approved users are pre-authorized”
    3. Hit “Save” at the bottom of the page
    4. Now, you should be returned to the Infer Glance connected app page. Go to the Profiles section and continue the troubleshooting steps given above.

  2. Ensure that each Salesforce Profile is given access to Glance

    1. Under Administer on the left menu, go to Manage Apps
    2. Click Connected Apps
    3. In the list of connected apps, find and click Infer Glance
    4. Under the Profiles section, click Manage Profiles
    5. Select the checkbox next to every profile you want to have permissions to view in Glance
    6. Hit Save on the bottom


Configure Glance Settings

  1. In your Salesforce account, click on “Setup” next to your user name on the top-right corner of the page.

  2. Navigate to “Installed Packages” on the left menu.

  3. Find the “Infer Glance” app and click on “Configure”

  4. You should now be in a view titled “Infer Glance Settings”. Configure the settings to set what signals you would like to show up in Glance. Make sure you click the “Submit” button on the bottom of the form to save your configurations.


Add Canvas App to your Lead Layout

  1. Go back to the original setup view by clicking “Setup” on the top-right corner of the page.

  2. Navigating to Customize -> Leads -> Page Layouts and click “Edit” on the layout to which you want to add Glance.

  3. Create a new section by dragging the “Section” box to where you want Glance to show up. You can find this in the widget box at the top of the page.

  4. Edit the section to use a fitting title, de-select Edit Page, and  select 1-Column before clicking OK.

  5. Click save on the top bar of the widget box before continuing. This will take you back to a list of page layouts. Click edit on the layout you were previously working on, just like in step 2.

  6. In the widget box titled “Lead Layout”, scroll down and select “Canvas Apps”

  7. Now, the new section you created earlier should show up on your layout page. Drag and drop “Infer Glance” from the widgets box into the empty section made earlier.

  8. Finally, hit save on the top bar of the widget box.

Congratulations, Infer Glance is now set up and ready to go!

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