How To: Generating Reports in Salesforce

To build a report, go to the Reports tab in Salesforce, and select “New Report…”. The Reports tab may be hidden under the “+” button depending on your instance of Salesforce.

Figure 1 - The Reports Tab


After selecting “New Report…”, choose the object type over which you would like to run these reports and press create.


Now you are in the report builder. You can build reports in Salesforce to quickly identify records containing these labels by using the “Contains” operator to identify specific members within a Profile or by using “Summary” reports to see all Profile combinations in your system.

The example below shows how to build a report using the “Contains” operator.


Figure 2 - Contains Function in Reports

Once you “Run Report”, you are able to see all the results returned in your system, save this report for future use, and even export the members of this report to a CSV file.


For more details on the features of Salesforce reporting, visit this Salesforce Help Center link.

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