How To: Using Salesforce Campaigns with Profile Management

Goal: Assign Leads or Contacts to Salesforce Campaigns using the Infer: Profiles field.

Note: You will need to enable the Marketing User checkbox in Salesforce’s user settings menu.

Step 1 - Create a Profile in Infer’s Profile Management Platform to define the ideal campaign member. For this example, we will be targeting executives in the Boston area using the Boston Exec Dinner profile. After saving this profile, be sure to Publish this profile to Salesforce to tag your contacts.

Step 2 - After saving your profile, identify the Infer: Profiles (Short) (link to Help Center article to Short Profiles) variable for the profile you’ve created in the Settings page of your profile.

Note: If this variable is not listed in your Settings menu, please reach out to your Infer Account Manager for these Infer: Profiles (Short) text field mappings.

Step 3 - Create your Salesforce Campaign. In this example, I have created a Campaign with the same name as my Infer: Profile in order to keep things simple.

At this point we have:

  • Published the profile to Salesforce (60 minute delay until Salesforce is fully synced)
  • Created the Salesforce Campaign of interest


Our final steps here will be to add the Infer: Profile tagged Contacts (or Leads, depending on your object of interest) to your newly created Campaign.


Step 4 - Add members to your Campaign. This step will require that your Published profiles have synced to Salesforce, which may take 60-90 minutes if this is the first time that you are syncing these profiles with Salesforce.

Go to the Manage Members button in your Campaign, and select whichever option you prefer. For our purposes, we’ll use the Add Members - Search option.

With the Search option open, choose the record type--in this case Contacts--that you wish to run this search over, and under Specify Filter Criteria, select Infer: Profiles (Short). As in the example below, you will want to use the contains operator and bound the Infer: Profiles (Short) value with the “|” character. The reason for this is that we will use the “|” character in order to separate each profile in the case that a single record is a member of multiple profiles.

Step 5 - After pressing Go!, the next screen will allow you to select which Leads or Contacts you wish to tag against the campaign. After you select the resulting people to add to the campaign, you must press Add with Status and then choose either Sent or Responded depending on what phase of the campaign you are in.

Note: If you are trying to set up automated syncs for Campaigns and campaign members, you will need to utilize either custom Apex triggers within Salesforce or enable the Campaign Sync functionality within Marketo.

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