How To: Infer: Profiles (Short) Field in Salesforce

The Infer: Profiles (Short) field (API name: inferp__Infer_Profiles_Short__c) allows you to use Infer: Profiles with View Filters and in Formulas in Salesforce. Because this field is a short text field, the number of characters supported in this field is limited to 255 characters. In order to maximize the number of profiles that you can write to this field, Infer has created a 2-character short text code that is automatically generated anytime you save a Profile.


Where can I find this 2-digit code?

The 2-digit code can be found under the settings menu of each individual Profile. See the highlight "Abbreviated Name" section below.


How are these values displayed in Salesforce?

These short codes appear in Salesforce under the Infer: Profiles (Short) field within each respective object. If a record has multiple Profiles associated with it, then you will see multiple short codes displayed as such:

How do I use this in Salesforce?

Because the Infer: Profiles (Short) field is limited to 255 characters, you are able to use this field when building View Filters (such as those for Queues) and Formulae. 

Can I customize the Abbreviated Name?

No, we do not currently support custom names. However, if you are interested in customizing the Abbreviated Names associated with your Profiles, please contact your Account Manager to prioritize this product request.



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