How To: Assign to Queue with Salesforce Process Builder

Goal: Use Infer Profiles to assign ownership of records to Queues.

Note: Setting up this Process flow may require administrative rights within Salesforce. If you already have 50 active workflow rules and/or process flows, you will need to contact Salesforce to increase your system-wide limit. 

  1. Log into Salesforce and navigate to the Setup page. The location of this link may vary depending on how your system is provisioned.
  2. Search for the Process Builder link using the search toolbar.
  3. Select the Process Builder link and once the page loads, select the “New” button in the upper right hand corner. Name your Process something descriptive so it is easy to find when returning for edits, and press Save.
  4. Select the object on which you want this Process to operate (in this example, we used the Lead object). When setting your Criteria:
    1. Select the Infer: Profiles field
    2. Select the Contains operator
    3. Select String type
    4. Enter the Profile name in the value field
  5. Once you save the Criteria, select the Add Action button from the Process Builder canvas
    1. Select the Owner ID field
    2. Select ID type
    3. Paste the 15-digit Queue ID into the value field (see notes below)
  6. Once you save this Action, you can choose to Activate this Process, or keep it Inactive until you are ready to Publish the profile from Infer Profile Management Platform to Salesforce.


Note: To find the Queue ID:

  1. Go back to the Setup page, and search for “queues” 
  2. Select Queues
  3. Find the Queue in the list and click on the Queue Name
  4. In the URL bar, copy the 15-digit ID code (the 15-digits following “id=”)

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