FAQ: Salesforce Security Token

Note: You must have API access enabled in order to use Infer's Profile Management Platform. API access is standard on the Enterprise and above editions of Salesforce, and optional on the SalesforceIQ and Professional editions.

If you have previously requested a Salesforce Security Token, then it is very likely that an email is sitting in your account with the subject line: "Your new Salesforce security token". The email should look something like the following, with the red highlighted box containing the 24-digit security token:

If you cannot find your Security Token in your Inbox or you have never requested a security token from Salesforce, follow the steps in the video below. You can also visit the Salesforce Help Center for up-to-date instructions for how to reset your security token should the interface below appear different than the one in your Salesforce.com instance.



If you are still experiencing issues, please contact help@infer.com.

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