How To: Publishing Profiles to Salesforce


In order to publish a Profile from the Infer Portal to Salesforce, you must first install the Salesforce package. This process takes approximately 5 minutes. After installation is complete, you can “Publish” any Profile via the Infer Portal to Salesforce. It typically takes 60 - 90 minutes upon Publishing the Profile for all records in your system to be evaluated and tagged upon first publish.


This article assumes that you have already created and/or shared a Salesforce account with appropriate permissions for Infer to access your data.


Part 1 - Installing the Salesforce Package


Step 1: Go to to install Infer's AppExchange package into your Salesforce.


Step 2: Select “Grant Access to All Users” and select “Install” or “Upgrade” depending on your version of the package.

Figure 1


Step 3: Place the Infer: Profiles field on your record layout pages.


  • Depending on your version of Salesforce this step may or may not occur automatically. If it does not occur automatically, go into the Setup menu, and select Page Layouts from the Build menu. In this example we are editing the page layouts for the Lead Object. However, you may also follow these same steps for the Account, Opportunity and Contact Objects.

Figure 2


  • Once you select the Page Layout that you would like to edit, you can perform a quick find for “Infer: Profiles”. If the field is not yet on the page, you will see the “Infer: Profiles” field as a field that can be placed on the record layout page below (Figure 3 below). However, if the field is already on the page, the field will show up as unable to be selected, as it is already on your layout page (Figure 4 below).

Figure 3

Figure 4


Part 2 - Publishing Profiles from Infer


Step 1: Create a Profile at

Figure 5


Step 2: Select “Publish” from the Profile Overview page

Note: You will need to provide "Modify" access for the "Infer: Profiles" fields on all objects to which profiles will be deployed.

Figure 6


Step 3: Build reports in Salesforce to quickly identify records containing these labels by using the “Contains” function or by using “Summary” reports.

Figure 7 - Contains Function in reports


  • Entities can enter and exit Profiles during different stages of the lifecycle. Infer will remove the associated tag from the Salesforce record if this does occur. For example, if a Profile is created called “Low Effort” where the condition is that there are < 3 tasks logged on the Lead, once the Lead has ≥ 3 tasks, the “Low Effort” tag will be removed.
  • When first Publishing a Profile Tag in Salesforce it can take up to 90 minutes for the initial sync and stamping to run over the entire database.
  • The Salesforce Package contains two Apex Classes, P2PostInstallHandlerTest and P2PostInstallHandler. These two classes alert Infer when a package is installed or updated. 
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