Modifying the Infer Profile and User for Scoring

Granting Permissions to the Infer User After Install

In this section we describe how to update the profile and user for Infer that has access to your records in Salesforce.  

Read-only access is enough to get started on the model build, but in order to go live the Infer User needs some additional permissions, specifically full permissions on the Infer Entity Scores custom object and permission to edit the Infer Score ID field on objects to be scored (Lead, Contact, etc.)

In your Salesforce setup view go to Setup | Manage Users | Profiles, and click on the Infer API Profile

Click on the Edit button and scroll down to Administrative Permissions section. Verify that the box for View All Data is checked. This allows Infer read-only access to all of your records for scoring purposes.


After verifying that View All Data is checked, the next step is to adjust permissions for the Standard Objects. Scroll down to the Standard Object Permissions section and check Modify All for Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Opportunities (Note that the image below shows just the Leads). 

 Finally, scroll down to the Custom Objects Permission section. Check all of the checkboxes for the Infer Score Objects. Click Save when you're done.



Give us access to the new fields that were created

Since Infer doesn’t need to edit all the your fields, we can limit its write access to only the Infer-related fields. You should be now back at the Infer API profile page; scroll down to the Field-Level Security section, and click View for Lead (or Contact, Account or Opportunity).


Next, click Edit and check the first box (visible) for any new field with the word Infer in front of it. It should look something like this, but you may have more or fewer fields to edit. Click Save when you're done.


Are you scoring Contacts / Accounts / Opportunities?

If so, you’ll need to check that "Enable Validation and Triggers from Lead Convert" is selected.

Go to Setup | Customize | Leads | Settings

Click Edit if “Enable Validation and Triggers from Lead Convert" isn’t selected.


=> This option is called "Require Validation for Converted Leads” in older versions of Salesforce.

=> If you don’t see either option, you’ll need to contact Salesforce to enable this option. Before 2008, this setting wasn't in the UI.

Select the checkbox.  Click Save.


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