How to Enable Workflows with Infer

Many customers find it useful to set up workflows based off of certain Infer score thresholds. For example, they may want particularly strong leads that are above a certain score to get routed to their best reps. Conversely, they might also want their poorest quality leads to be routed to a nurture campaign until the lead shows buying activity.  The following is an explanation of how to enable these workflows using Version 3 of our scoring package.  

Version 3 of our scoring package puts a score on entities in Salesforce using an Infer Score field  that is tied to a custom score object through a lookup. As a result, workflows cannot be created using the Infer Score field.

In order to circumvent this problem, an Apex trigger has been supplied that creates a Score Snapshot on the entity. The score snapshot field is a simple Text field and can be used to create workflows. It also enables field history tracking, which allows customers to see the ways a score has changed over time.

To enable the Apex trigger, go to the Infer AppExchange Package Configuration page and scroll down to Advanced Settings. Check the appropriate checkboxes for the entities to be snapshotted, and click Save.



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