Best Practice - Use Infer to Inspire Your Sales Team



At a tradeshow? Use your reps time wisely! Have them walk around the tradeshow floor and use the SalesForce application to have them add contacts into your CRM. Inspire competition by incentivizing them in some way to input as many A leads as they can find!


Call Blitz’s


Give your call blitz’s some context by separating them by A or B leads for the most likely conversions. You could even do a call blitz of lower level leads, have your reps plow through dials very quickly to find an opportunity they want to convert & discard the rest. This is a great way to filter through C & D leads quickly to make sure you aren’t missing any hidden gold in there.


Sourcing Competitions


Give your team a full hour to source net new leads they think might be great for your product or service. Have them input them into salesforce and pull a report showing the quality of all of their leads. Whoever is sourcing the best quality gets a pat on the back (prize).


Unconventional Prospecting Competitions

Have your reps take your hot A leads and reach out to them in ways that are new to what they have normally been doing. This is a great way to engage your reps in tactics like social selling, targeting companies on twitter, linkedin or facebook.

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