Best Practice - Setting Up SLAs

Why is it important?

Setting up SLAs (Service-Level Agreements) allows you to hold your reps accountable for prospecting. SLAs are also there for the marketing team to feel confident in the sales team’s ability to effectively work their leads and tie that to revenue. The end goal is to have sales and marketing alignment and be able to develop an optimized process that accelerates your revenue cycle.


Best Practices

Time based SLAs

Many companies choose to set up time-based SLAs for their leads, making sure their reps are hitting really hot leads very quickly.


Lead Grade

Time Based SLA

A Leads

10 minutes

B Leads

1 hour

C Leads

24 hours

D leads

1 week


Research based SLAs

For outbound teams, research based SLAs are common. We find that most companies want their reps spending extra time to fully research their A prospects. Research based best practices include checking the hiring page, reading any recent Press Releases about new products or services, looking up a prospects background on Linkedin etc.


Frequency based SLAs

Other companies use number of touches (phone, email, social etc.) to set up their SLAs.


Lead Grade

Frequency Based SLA

A Leads

9 Touches

B Leads

6 Touches

C Leads

3 Touches

D Leads

1 Touch (usually mass email)

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