HubSpot Connector Guide

Infer is proud to support a Hubspot integration! This guide will explain everything you need to know about our integration with the HubSpot platform.


What's included?

  1. A new field on your contact properties page for Infer score
  2. The ability to include Infer score within your HubSpot workflows
  3. The ability to segment lists using Infer score as another filtering property
  4. Easily quantify the relationship between your HubSpot marketing efforts and the quality and fit of your leads by using Infer score in your reporting.


How do I get started?

Give the following email administrative privileges in your HubSpot portal & forward that information to your account manager - - Instructions on how to add another user to HubSpot can be found here.


How does it work?

Infer does a few things after we receive admin. access to your portal. First, we will create a field on your contact properties page where the score will live. We then create an Infer static list where contacts will be scored periodically and imported back into HubSpot throughout the day. Lastly, we create an Infer workflow that watches for any changes in specific contact properties. If we detect any major differences it will trigger a re-score of your contacts. 


What are a few ways we can use this integration?

One good way to use your Infer score is to segment lists and use them in your workflows. For example, many of our customers are segmenting lists by Infer score to put lower scored leads into automatic nurture campaigns. You could also set up workflows to notify sales reps. when a high scored lead visits your website. This would require building a smart list of prospects with those properties that you can build your workflow off of. 

Another great way to use the HubSpot Connector is to incorporate the Infer score into your reports. Create reports that you can watch month over month that tie in the relationship between lead source & Infer score. You could also create reports that show the relationship between certain activities on your site and Infer score and then make further decisions on how to push prospects down the funnel (i.e. if mostly A leads are filling out a form for a white paper on your site, you can assume that type of offer is attracting leads that are good fits for your product or service & maybe put a call-to-action for a free-trial on that page as well).


Backlog Scoring

To score your backlog create a dynamic list where the criteria is Infer Score = unknown. Once that list populates, copy it into Infer's static list & it will be scored periodically along with the rest of the list.




Why are my scores in HubSpot not aligned with my scores in Salesforce?

Occasionally, scores within HubSpot & Salesforce will be off a bit. Each field in your Salesforce instance that is referenced in your model has a counterpart in HubSpot and if they are not mapped correctly this will cause a discrepancy between scores. To make sure this is accurate, be in touch with your account manager before implementation to verify the fields your model is referencing within Salesforce.


So, does this mean we now have a behavioral model?

The HubSpot Connector does not allow you to take into account any behavioral (activity) data coming from your marketing automation system. It is simply your fit model reflecting in the fields within the HubSpot Contact Properties page. 


Why doesn't this contact have a score?

The most likely reason for a contact not having a score is that it was recently created. As explained above, we periodically score your new leads about once an hour so you should see a score on that lead shortly. Your contacts may also not be scored if you have just uploaded a large list of contacts. This may take a few hours to go through. If you sense something else is off, please get in touch with your AM.

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