Marketo Connector Guide


Infer is proud to support an integration with Marketo. This guide will explain everything you need to know about our integration with the Marketo platform.


What’s included?

  • A new Infer field in your Marketo Lead Info Pages
  • The ability to use Infer Score in your workflows
  • The ability to create lists including Infer Score as a filter property
  • The ability to use Infer score in reporting


Getting Started

Give the following email administrative privileges in your Marketo portal & forward that information to your account manager -  ops-[business name]


How it Works

The Marketo Fit Connector is the foundation of our integration with Marketo for the purposes of scoring leads with one of our fit models.  The connector utilizes Marketo’s SOAP API to both sync lead data for scoring from Marketo and to update leads in Marketo with new scores.  The Marketo Connector is specific to our fit scoring integration with Marketo and should not be confused with the process that manages our Marketo behavioral scoring.

We use Marketo's built in data Smart List data model to keep track of which leads in your Marketo instance need to be scored.  Our Marketo Connector pulls leads from a list in Marketo which we set up, scores them using your Infer Fit Scoring Model and then updates those leads with their new scores back in Marketo. 

Where does the Score live?

The Infer score can live in a few different places in Marketo. You can add it as a field in your general lead view or you can find it within individual leads either on the lead info tab or the SFDC custom fields tab. The location where you see this information is highly configurable.


Backlog Scoring

Most likely you will want to score your existing Marketo leads. We can do that on our end by populating a smart list querying for leads where “Infer Score is empty”.


A few ways to take advantage of your integration

Define your workflows using Infer score. A lot of customers are using this information to push low scored leads into automated nurture programs and push high scored leads directly to their sales team.

Use Infer score to segment your database. From here many customers will do things like target your campaigns to only A leads. This also helps you dissect your lead lifecycle by digging into reports which are explained below.

Other customers use our connector to incorporate the Infer score into their reports. Create reports that you can watch month over month that tie in the relationship between lead source, website asset, campaign type, nurture program etc. and Infer score. The best part about this is the speed at which you can make decisions on what is working and what is not. You no longer have to wait a full sales cycle to see crucial results.



How do you keep track of which leads in Marketo need to be scored?

Scoring in Marketo is managed through the Smart List “Infer Scoring Queue”. Any leads added to this queue are scored. We have a process which automatically adds new or changed leads to the queue to trigger scoring or re-scoring.

Why don’t we use Marketo’s API?

Using Marketo’s API is possible, however we found that it was much simpler and faster to use our own integration to pull data.


Does this mean I now have a behavioral model?

Our marketing automation connectors are simply translating the scores from your existing fit models into Marketo. We do have behavioral models for Marketo. If you are interested, please get in touch with your account manager.





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