Best Practice - Taking Action on your Filtered Leads

Taking Action on Your Leads


Why is it Important?

By now you should have filtered your leads into buckets of A, B, C, D. Now it’s time to take action. Infer can infiltrate your daily sales and marketing practices in many ways so below we have highlighted common examples of how companies have used our predictive intelligence.

Best Practices - Sales



Setting up Sales Service Level Agreements is a great way to prioritize your newly scored leads. We will get into this more here but we see a lot of companies implementing measures such as: A leads are worked six times before discarding, B leads four times, C leads two times, D leads one time and discard if no answer.


Automatic Nurture


For companies that have too many leads for their reps to get in touch with, designating a certain percentage of leads to go into automatic nurture campaigns is very effective. We see companies sending their A and B leads to their reps and nurturing C and D leads until they are a more likely buyer. As your business grows and you continue to add reps it’s a good idea to put C leads back into circulation.


Rep Level Prioritization


This can be done in a few ways. Some companies will prioritize by sending all A leads to Account Executives and splitting up B, C and D leads among their business development reps who can pre-qualify them to be certain of their intent. Other companies will use this as a way to promote reps and inspire competition. The more seasoned reps will get A leads, less seasoned B and C leads and so on. Setting up criteria such as, hitting a certain closing percentage allows you access to better leads, is usually implemented.


Best Practices - Marketing


Tracking the Quality of your Campaigns

With a simple formula field on the Salesforce campaign object, marketing can begin to measure cost per good lead. This provides an apples-to-apples comparison across campaigns.


Adding Infer Score Into your Workflows

Use marketing automation solutions? Infer integrates with Marketo, Eloqua and HubSpot allowing you to segment your database, trigger your workflows based on Infer score and create reports showing the quality of leads being brought in by each marketing activity. This is great for nurturing lower level leads as well as notifying sales reps when an A or B lead takes some sort of action on your site.


Trade Show Effectiveness

Measure the success of your trade shows by setting up reports that show the quality of leads that were brought in from each show immediately.



In AdWords you can adjust your bidding strategy to optimize for good leads rather than any old form complete. With instant feedback, you can move money to the right keywords and campaigns.


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