Best Practice - Filtering Your Leads

Filtering Your Leads by Making Sense of Thresholds


Why is This Important

Infer’s modeling uses data science to stack-rank leads. However, the art of setting thresholds is contingent on your individual business needs. Below are a few examples highlighting ways you can manipulate thresholds to match certain business decisions.

Best Practices:


Cast a Wide Net - Equal Distribution

Even Distribution is great for companies who want to hit everything. This works especially well with a large sales team that has the bandwidth to hit a high volume of leads.


Auto MQL - High Concentration of A Leads

Narrowly define A-Leads such that they represent 10% or less of overall Leads. This strategy is ideal for businesses that want to automatically send A leads to reps in an auto-MQL type fashion. Reach out to these leads within the hour for best results.

Auto Nurture - Narrow D Bucket

Don’t have a large sales team? Send more of your leads back to marketing by flushing out your lowest scored leads in your D bucket & leaving a large bucket of C-Leads meant for an auto-nurture campaign.

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