Setting Up a Secondary Field in Salesforce (V2)

Occasionally we recommend setting up a second scoring field in order to look at different model scores for other products or geographies.

1) Create a new field on the object you want to be scored called "Infer: Score ID 2" of type lookup that references the Infer Entity Score table (see the current Infer: Score ID as a template):


2) Create an "Infer: Score 2" field of type formula on the lead table (and any additional table) with the formula "Infer_score_id_2__r.infer2__Score__c"...the bold and italicized part is to be replaced with whatever the API name is for the field you create in step 1:

3) (optional if you want to track the grade change) Create an "Infer: Rating 2" field of type formula that translates the score into a grade, an example of the formula to use:

Infer_Score_2__c > 80, "A", 
Infer_Score_2__c > 50, "B", 
IF(Infer_Score_2__c > 30, "C", "D") 


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