Setting Up History Tracking for your Infer Score (v1)

Many customers want to setup history tracking for the Infer Score so that they can easily see when and how the scores on their leads are changing. The following are instructions on how you can set this up when using our v1 product:


1) Head to your Salesforce Setup page

2) Under Customize, click on the object on which you want to setup History Tracking

3) Click on 'Set History Tracking'

4) Find the 'Infer Score' field and check the box

5) Add the correct History Related List on your page layout editor


A few things to keep in mind:

1. This version of History Tracking only works for Version 1 of our Scoring Package. If you are using a later version please refer to this article.

2. This can easily be achieved in Version 3 of Infer's Scoring package by enabling History Tracking on the Infer Score field for whichever object you would like to track.

3. If you are using Version 2 of Infer's Scoring Package you'll need to do some additional work to setup a secondary field. You can find the setup instructions here.

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