Configuring which Salesforce Objects to Score

To access the Infer AppExchange Package configuration screen go to Setup | Installed Packages.

Next, click on Configure for the Infer: Predictive Lead Scoring package.

You will be taken the Infer AppExchange Package configuration page. 


Objects to be Scored

In order for Infer to attach scores to a Lead, Contact, Account or Opportunity you need to select the corresponding checkboxes in the Infer AppExchange Package configuration screen. Scroll down to Enable Infer Scoring, check the appropriate checkboxes, and click Save.

If more than one object type will be scored, each corresponding box should be checked.

⇒ In addition to selecting the checkboxes, it is necessary that Infer be granted appropriate permissions before scoring can begin. In particular, for each object type selected, the Infer User must also be granted write permission on the Infer Score ID field for that object. See Modifying the Infer Profile and User for Scoring for more information.

⇒ The configuration here is necessary to set up Salesforce for Infer scores but does not in itself cause scores to be generated. Once the configuration is done, contact Infer to initiate the actual pushing of scores into Salesforce.

⇒ Do not turn on Salesforce field mapping for Infer Fields when a Lead is converted. See Technical Considerations for further information.

⇒ Infer will create a custom Score object for every object of the type selected. Salesforce custom objects are accounted for at 2K bytes per object. Please consider the storage requirements. See Technical Considerations for further information. 


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