Migrating to a Different Version of the AppExchange Package

The following are instructions on how to move from one version of our AppExchange Package to another. 

Before migrating to a new version of the AppExchange package, it is very important that you notify Infer prior to the installation.  An Infer representative will then help walk you through the migration process.  You may notify Infer by submitting a Help Request or contacting your Account Manager. 

After you have received a response from an Infer representative, follow these steps to migrate from one version to another of the Infer AppExchange package:


Step 1. Install and configure the new AppExchange package. 

⇒ Don’t forget to grant the correct permissions to the Infer User.

⇒ Mapping Infer fields from Leads to Contacts, Accounts or Opportunities upon conversion using the Salesforce “Map to Leads” feature is not supported for the new versions of the Infer fields. If you are currently using that feature with Infer fields, be sure to select all object types that need Infer scores when configuring the new AppExchange package and notify Infer that more than Leads need to be scored.


Step 2. Contact Infer to initiate scoring using the new mechanism. This will include both periodic and backlog scoring.

⇒ Existing Infer Score fields will continue to be populated. So during this period scoring will occur under both the old and new mechanisms.

⇒ Unfortunately, Leads that were converted prior to the installation of the new AppExchange package can’t be updated with the new Infer score.


Step 3. Switch List Views and Object Views to show the new Infer Score and Infer Rating fields instead of the old ones.

⇒ The new Score fields are infer2__Infer_Score__c and infer2__Infer_Rating__c 

Any custom reports you have defined using the Infer Score or Infer Rating fields should also be transitioned to the new fields. See Defining Triggers on Salesforce Scores for details on defining triggers on the Infer Score using the new scoring mechanism.


Step 4. Contact Infer to stop appending scores to the older Infer fields.


Step 5. Uninstall the older AppExchange package. This will permanently delete all data from the older Infer fields and remove them from Salesforce.

⇒ Be sure to uninstall the version of the package that will no longer be in use. 

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