Creating a Read-Only Infer Profile and User in Salesforce

In this section we describe how to create a profile and user for Infer that has read­-only access to the records in Salesforce. This is sufficient for getting started with the model build. However, going live and doing backlog scoring requires that the Infer User have additional permissions, as described in Modifing the Infer Profile and User for Scoring.

Creating a Profile for Infer

1. Go to Setup | Manage Users | Profiles, and click on New Profile.

2. For Existing Profile, select Read Only. For Profile Name, enter Infer API, and click Save.

3. On the new Infer API Profile page, click on the Edit button. (NOTE: If you do not see the Edit button on this page, proceed to Step 5 below.)

4. Scroll down to Administrative Permissions section and checkbox View All Data. This will give Infer a read­ only view of your records. Scroll down and click Save when you’re done. You're now ready to create a user for Infer! (You may skip Steps 5-7)




5. For those using SFDC's enhanced profile user interface, scroll down and click into the System Permissions section on the main screen of your newly created Infer API profile. 


6. On the System Permissions page, click Edit.


7. Scroll down almost all the way to the bottom of the Systems sub-section and check the box for View All Data. Scroll back to the top and click Save. You're now ready to create a user for Infer!


Creating a User for Infer

Next, create a new user for Infer to log into your Salesforce instance.

1. Go to Setup | Manage Users | Users, and click on New User.

2. For Last Name, enter Infer. For Email, enter the email address, but with “acme” replaced with your organization’s name. For User License, select Salesforce. And for Profile, select the Infer API profile you just created. Scroll down and click Save.

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