Locating and Limiting Access to the Infer Dashboards

In addition to the Infer Scoring Package, we also provide our customers with a reporting package. Infer's Reporting Package is useful for understanding the health of your lead flow and processes using the Infer Score.

⇒ The Dashboards reflect the values of scores on Lead objects only, not Contact, Account or Opportunity objects.

⇒ Because Leads converted prior to initiating Infer scoring do not have scores attached (due to Salesforce limitations), such leads are not reflected in the Dashboards. Thus the Conversion and Win rates shown on the Dashboards for time intervals prior to initiating Infer scoring will usually be very low.


Accessing the Dashboards

This section describes how to locate the Infer Dashboards and also how to limit access, if desired. 

To find the Infer Dashboards, navigate to the Dashboards Tab and type Infer into the Find a dashboard search bar. 

Select the Infer Insights ­- Lead Report or the Infer Trends ­- Lead Report Dashboard. By default the Infer Dashboards folder is accessible by all users. If you wish to restrict access, navigate to the Reports Tab and locate the Infer Dashboards folder. Select Edit

Scroll down to the access control section and select the Groups or Individuals that you want to be able to access the Infer Dashboards. Click Save.




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