What's the difference between Account Scoring and Lead Scoring?

Infer's scoring algorithm can be applied to any of the following objects in Salesforce: Leads, Contacts, Accounts, or Opportunities.

Lead scoring is the most common use case and involves building a model that predicts which leads are most likely to convert to opportunities or closed won deals.  We can also optimize the model for custom targets, such as Lead Stages or Opportunity Stages.

Account Scoring is often used when customers are targeting potential customers at the Account level, rather than the Lead or Contact level.  This is often the case when you'd like to target specific Named Accounts.

There are multiple ways to generate an Account score ranging from using an aggregate score based on Contacts within that Account to creating a model specifically designed to score Accounts.

If you're interested in Account Scoring, please submit a Help Request or contact your account manager and we will work with you to determine the best Account Scoring strategy to suit your business.

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