Adding Infer Fields to Salesforce Views

While there are a variety of custom fields that play a role in the Infer for Salesforce solution, the only two fields that are appropriate for Salesforce Views are the Infer Score and Infer Rating fields.

⇒ For Views used by Sales Reps, it is best practice to expose only the Infer Rating field and not the raw Infer Score field.

The Infer fields are normal Salesforce custom fields so the process to expose them in Views is completely standard.

To add an Infer field to a page layout for an object such as Leads, go to Setup | Leads | Page Layouts and Edit the layout to which you want to add the field. Use the Quick Find to locate the Infer Score or Infer Rating field and then drag them onto the View. Click Save.

To add an Infer field to a List View for an object such as Lead, go to the Leads tab, select the View to be modified and click Edit. Scroll down to Select Fields to Display and add the Infer Rating or Infer Score field.

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