Publishing a Self Service Smart Signal


To have Infer append signals onto records in your salesforce instance you first must publish the signal in the Infer portal.  Publishing a signal creates an integration between Infer and your salesforce instance that will sync the value of a given Infer signal into a specific salesforce field whenever that record is updated.  After publishing, existing records can be backfilled with signal data.


  1. Login to your Infer portal 
  2. From your home page click the Signals tab
    (If you do not see the signals tab contact your customer success manager to complete the setup)

  3. Select Publish Signals

  4. Select the object you would like the signal to be published to (this example uses accounts)

  5. Select the Infer signal you would like to map

  6. Select the Salesforce field you would like the signal to be synced with

    Validations will automatically be applied if the Salesforce field you select cannot be synced because of permission settings or field mappings with incompatible types.

  7. Select Publish signal to start the sync 

  8. After you are done publishing signals you will be prompted to backfill data for already existing records. If you do not backfill data only new/updated records will have the signal.

    Depending on the number of records to be included in the job, backfilling can take a long time.  For objects with a large number of records it is best to build all the smart signals for that object before kicking off a backfilling job.

    Doing this will overwrite the current value in that field for all records Infer has access to in the mapped table.  Be careful and perform a data backup if you are unsure if you will need the historical data.


That's it! Newly created records and records where identifying fields have been updated will automatically be updated.



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